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September 03, 2009



Thanks for the comparison, Asela. I saw these somewhere and wondered what it's like to work with them. Too bad there's no Michael's in Croatia, so I can try them out.


What a great post, Asela! Thanks so much for having taken the time to juxtapose the qualities of each of these markers. Your work is lovely.


Thanks for sharing in great detail with the difference, it has been very helpful. I haven't used prismas but they look fun and i ove copics but mine all seem to run very quickly.
hugs Debra


Awesome comparison Asela! I purchased the Prismacolor Pencils a couple of months ago and have been trying different blending mediums. Havent used them on my cards yet. You are probably say, "what are you waiting for??" :)

Mary Anne K.

OMGoodness, Asela, wouldn't these be fun to play with! Thanks for the comparison! Thanks for the Michaels tip....my store does not stock very much, but I will check it out!

Deanna Collins

Wow, these look great. I have been using Gina K.'s wonderful paper and don't have any problem with the bleed on that, but really have problems with any other paper and the Copics. These look great. I know my daughter loves the Prisma Color pencils for her art work, so I am sure these will be wonderful.

Robbie Rubala

Thanks for the information! It was very helpful. I hope you continue to do these types of comparisons to keep up informed.



Thanks for the comparison. It will be fun to try these markers and have something smaller.

Terri Semon

Thanks for sharing, Asela...I appreciate all you efforts to keep us informed and educated..

Sharon Swindell

Thanks for the tips! I haven't made the plunge with any markers yet, but I love my Prismacolor pencils!


Thanks for the detailed comparison Asela! And thats very nice of you to offer them as blog candy!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

This is fantastic information, thank you!


thanks for the review and the heads up on the Michaels sale and rebate - great stuff!
Thanks for the fun!


thanks for the review and the heads up on the Michaels sale and rebate - great stuff!
Thanks for the fun!

Jannette Davis

Thanks for the all the imformation. I may just have to get myself some. I love all your work.

Jannette D.


Thanks for sharing this post... very informative!!

Jean c

Great article Asela. Thanks for sharing your research! Very informative!

Nellie Schuurman

I've never used prisma markers before, but I do own quite a few copic sketch markers and I just love them. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs, Nellie.

Linda C.

Thanks for comparing these markers. You're input as an artist means alot!

Dale B

I use the Prisma markers and colored pencils, as well as the copics. They are all well loved and used; the project dictates the markers to be used. Thank you for taking the time to give us the comparison, great job!

Alyssa b

Hello Hello! That's it, that's my comment


I have been debating on purchasing the Copic markers. Maybe I will try these.

Thanks for the chance to win.

jane wetzel

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the interesting info! These markers look really neat! :)


Wow! I didn't know much about prismacolor markers. Thanks for sharing this information it is awesome. I love your blog is always a pleasure to read it.

Peggy S from Ohio

Thanks for the details about these markers. I really appreciate the information! You are so helpful and I've learned a lot from your blog.


Thanks for all this great information Asela. I have a few of the regular Prismacolor markers and like them. I will have to check out the Michael's ad. I just received your new stamp set yesterday and I'm so anxious to use it.

Kathy Logan

would love to try them out......thanks
for offering.

bright vivid colors

Kathy L........


Thanks for the great information. Always looking to find new products.

Kyla in KY


Thanks for the tips. Always interested in comparisons. Also, thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

Paty Lam

Thank you for the information. I am looking forward to trying them
Paty Lam


Very interesting post, Asela. Thanks for sharing. Also, love your new stamp set from Gina K.....it's gorgeous!


Asela, you rock. You are always sharing your knowledge with us, and I truly appreciate it. I always follow your blog as I admire your work and it is always informative. Thank you so much. Joanne

Karen N.

What an interesting comparison between Copics and Prismacolor markers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about these pens. I don't own any prismacolor markers, but a finer brush tip would certainly come in handy for finer details!

Kate Stockman

I've always wondered how much difference there was between Copics and Primacolors. Thank you for the info.

Kathy W

Thanks for this information/comparison. I get so confused with all the different color mediums on the market. This is very helpful.

jean w

Thanks for the comparison and a chance to win them!

Teressa Thompson

Great review. Thank you so much. I'd seen these and considered them for fine detail work. (I've been using pigment pens)

What are you feelings on Prismacolor vs Copic?


Art Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!


Hi nice review
I started doing anime about 2 years ago and have been using just graphite pencils..
but then I decided that I wanted to start using color i tried colored pencils (just the cheap kind) but have found they are useless

i'm 14 and dont have money to buy pencils

so i'd looooooove it if i won these.......
but the contests over so..


Laura Parrish

Thank you so much for all the information. I am on a fixed income and can't afford to keep buying markers just to try. I have heard a lot about the copic markers. I have been using sharpies ( because of affordability) and small sets of prisma colors. I lucked out and found an art store selling the new prisma individually. I needed an extra fine point in black and found a .005. Thanks again for the advice. I will keep looking for the copic to try. Keep up the great service you are providing.

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