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July 22, 2008



What a wonderful thing you have done.... my prayers are with your friend Dasiy.

Peggy Maier

When I saw this set on Gina's blog this morning, it really spoke to me. My favorite flower is the daisy. But more than that - it really tugged at my heart because I have lost my Mother, Grandfather & Uncle to cancer. You can be sure this is one set I will purchase. I know your friend will be so honored by this special gesture on your part! God bless!


What a beautiful set! I can't wait to see the rest of it & what a truly wonderful thing you have done, creating a set for your wonderful friend.

joanne b

I can't imagine how hard that was to write Asela, I'm crying even reading it. The set is truly beautiful, and I'm sure it so touched her heart. You are a wonderful friend.... and your scrapbook page is just truly beautiful.


What a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do for a friend and for a greater cause.

Not sure I understand the wording on what goes to the cancer society. TFS.

Gina K.

You are such a wonderful person to come up with this idea. It will help so many know that rubber stampers care about each other.

Asela and I are both giving a portion of the proceeds to equal $4.00 on each set we sell. We added the words "retail sales" because our donation amount will be slightly less on those sets that we wholesale to stamping and scrapbooking stores.
Gina K.

Melanie Muenchinger

beautiful page and post! I've been looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this woman who has touched your life! (can't wait to post my project) :)

Debbie Fisher

I read about this on Gina's blog and just wanted to pop in and comment. What a beautiful thing to do for your friend. I have gotten involved in different Cancer Society events because of a friend of mine that battled cancer herself.
This flower is so pretty and a special honor to your friend Daisy.


Asela - thank you for sharing about your friend. This is a wonderful set and I hope that it raises a lot of money to benefit cancer research!

Sharon Harnist

Asela, your page is beautiful -- you can scrapbook, what are you talking about?!! :) I love the colors you used and all the sparkle on the daisies. Stamped-on ribbon is the perfect touch. I'm so glad Daisy liked the set & idea. I'm honored to be a small part of your campaign! Smooches,

Jane Harrah

What lovely words to convey such warmth and caring and giving. I want so much to reach out and give a hug. But instead, I will just say thank you.

Erin K

It looks like this is going to be a beautiful set and it is surely a wonderful cause! :)

God Bless you Asela, and Gina.


I love daisies! I'm definitely getting this one! I have two cousins and a friend who died from cancer. Just last year my cousin's wife finished her chemo and is cancer-free right now. Another friend is battling breast cancer right now and is going through a rough time. You're right! Seems like all of us has been touched by cancer one way or another. We'll definitely keep your friend, Daisy, in our prayers.

CherylQuilts at SCS

What a wonderful friend you are! You're right that nearly every family has been dramatically touched and changed by cancer. I've lost a mom (and her sister, my aunt) to breast cancer, and now two of my cousins have as well. What an encouragement to Daisy, and please tell her that she is being lifted up to the Lord by many who now know of her fight. What an honor to be part of this with her, and I'm so glad you are donating to ACS in her honor! Thanks!


I've got a lump in my throat. You've inspired me as I now begin to help a friend who just discovered she has breast cancer. Oh so many I know and love have been struggling with one cancer or another and I miss those who have already been taken from me. Thanks Asela, for creating such a beautiful set. Thanks for sharing your heart. Can't wait to see the whole set!

Gail S.

What an absolutely wonderful set! This has just the perfect words to send to someone when you don't know what to say. I would like to order this set but I cannot find when it will be available. Can you post when it will be out? Thank you and believe me, Daisy is in my prayers. Cancer sucks.


What a wonderful thing for you and Gina to do. There is no telling how many lives will be touched in a positive way thanks to your efforts. I thank you and Gina for doing this and I also thank Daisy for inspiring it with her strength, courage and faith.

Kudzu Fire

prayers and blessings

Carole (TruCarMa)

What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend, Asela. I'll definitely be purchasing this and think of Daisy every time I use it. {{{Asela & Daisy}}}

Trena in Naperville

What a beautiful way to show your love for Daisy!! I will be purchasing this set!! God Bless you.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

barb schram

What a treasured friendhship you share with Daisy! It is a prvilege to stamp with this set, Asela! I will be sending a card to Daisy as well! Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse into this heartwarming story.

Alexandra Hobson

Although I don't know you or Daisy, my heart feels your pain after reading both your and Gina's post! You are a wonderful friend, and I shall be ordering this set, it is an honor and the one very small thing I can do to help someone in some little way! Thanks for sharing your story Asela! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


Thank you for sharing your story about your friend Daisy. Cancer has touched my life. I can't wait to order this set.

Carolina Buchting

I think your page is just as gorgeous as your heart. What you're doing for Daisy is such an amazing and heartwarming gesture that will live on with every single one of us and I know I will treasure this set. Thank you for enriching our lives by sharing a little bit of you. HUGS!

Mary C. Anderson

You are a very special person Asela. I am very sorry about your friend Daisy having to go through all that she is going through. Cancer has touched my life too many times. I will be praying for Dasiy.


Jenny Mick

What an awesome way to honor your friend!!


This is such a beautiful gesture for your friend...it must be a tremendous blessing to her! I lost my mom to cancer when I was 15, she was just 37. I have participated in many activities to help raise money for the American Cancer Society and adding this stamp set to my collection can be just one more tiny contribution.

I pray that God may be merciful to Daisy and bring her complete healing and strength until then...


I was teary eyed while reading the posting about your dear friend Daisy. What a wonderful friend you are to her Asela.I am a volunteer with Chemo Angels and lost my dear mother at age 54 to cancer. It has touched the lives of so many of us in some way. I look forward to seeing the entire stamp set you've designed.


I think this is the most amazing gift from a friend to another. As a believer, I have prayed for Daisy each time I hear about this set. I am certain I am not alone in this. When I receive my set I will remember and pray for Daisy and her family every single time I use it. Again, I'm sure I will not be alone. Just think of all the prayers that will be generated by your wonderful set!

WWJD Prayer Warrior

We work with Daisy's son, Dave. We are praising the Lord for answered prayers and continuing to pray. What a great idea and what a wonderful tribute to "Daisy". Dave says she is the "best" and we certainly agree with him. Bless you for your tenacity and love for Daisy. Isaiah 40:11

Lisa Trombitas

How wonderful that you can use your special talents to honor your friendship with such a special woman! Cancer has indeed touched too many lives - I miss my dad every day. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this set. Thanks to you and Gina for being so generous!

Lisa Banks

Wow...I am in Aw!!!! You are Amazing Asela. Your aren't just doing this for Daisy your doing it for all those affected by cancer. Including my twin who's battleing brain cancer. Thank You!!!

Helen Angel

What an amazing, thought-provoking, inspirational and touching thing to do for my Best Friend (and chosen Sister), Daisy!!! Of course all those words describe my Daisy...and so much more. I cannot imagine how my life would have been without her. Being Best Friends for almost 30 years, we have shared the most exciting, fun, crazy, wild times, as well as heart-breaking, difficult and confusing times. ...and here we are, still hanging in here together. Her faith and dedication to The Lord has inspired me and strengthened my faith immeasurably. Thank you for this tribute and God Bless you and all our people that have been touched by the "C-word".


Hi Aselia. How exciting and what a wonderful friend you are and a blessing to Daisy. I love your new stamp set and can't wait to get mine!

Stacy Twinshappy SCS

I cried reading this... I have already bought this set and I think its wonderful not only that you designed it but also that you are donating some of the proceeds. Awesome and so inspiring!

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