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February 19, 2008


Trena in Naperville

Asela! It is beautiful! I love the warm color of your new home. The landscaping is pretty - I'd just walk around and around the house, enjoying it! You're almost in!

Kathy W

What a beautiful home! It does seem strange to see such wonderful green grass right now, lol (haven't seen my lawn since Dec. 1, still covered with snow here in Utah). Although this might be the hard part while they finish details, at least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sharing.

Vicky sitterly

Oh Asela......Your home is breath-taking!!! I am sitting here with my mouth open....
You certainly deserve it, I am so happy for you and your family. You will make that house a home!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Congrats Tammy....those are a great bunch of stamps!! Isn't Asela AMAZING?????

Linda C.

GORGEOUS home! I'm so happy for you! There's nothing like the new home smell!!


Beautiful home, wish I could live some where like that!


Oh my gosh, Asela, the house is stunning! I want to go outside and take a picture of my house right now, and then put them side by side on my blog just to compare our current realities! Your reality is SO much prettier than mine right now! I've still got a month and a half of winter left. Yuck. Today it's below zero again:(....can I come visit for a few days? I've got a free ticket sitting here waiting for me:)!!!!!



You lucky girl! Your new home is looking great! The last few weeks is torture as things wrap up, but it's worth it.


Asela, your home is georgeous! Do you keep pinching yourself to see if it has all been a dream? Or waiting for the REAL owners to show up? And thank you for overseeing the building of THEIR home? Oh wait...those were MY feelings when my husband and I were building our dreamhouse! :D
Just wait til you move in and have all that s p a c e. My hubby and I kept losing each other the first week in our new house - it seemed enormous. But it didn't take long to feel like home. Four and half years later, I'm still in awe that we live in this beautiful place.
Hugs, -mary

Tammy, Congratulations on winning Asela's adorable new stamps - I'm jealous. Now I'll have to buy mine. :D

Connie Pruitt

Your home is so beautiful! I know you must be so excited and proud of it. Congratulations! How soon can you move in?
I enjoy your blog.

chris mott

Wow, I had not been on in awhile..Your house turned out gorgeous..I remember when you were coloring/stamping on tiles...Absolutely gorgeous..


I can see it with the shutters on, but this shot looks like a cover for Architechtural Digest as it is!!! IT'S GORGEOUS, ASELA!!!!!!! The spare room over the garage seems like a wonderful place for a studio with the large windows. I can't think of a nicer person to be so blessed...family that is happy and a beeautiful home to go with it! You go girl. TFS.


Tammy-SCS - Feathers&Ink

Thanks everyone for the congrats! I am home recovering from surgery, so this was such a wonderful SURPRISE!! I can't believe I won!! Thanks so much Asela!!! I love them!
peace and blessings to all who visit her thread too!


Awesome~!! I am loving how your new house is coming together. It's so beautiful.


Oh Wow it is looking so great, bet you are just itching to get in their, such a bummer things are slowing down instead of speeding up! It does look really weird to see the green grass, we don't have much snow but the grass is so dull and dead....oh how I look forward to spring!


the house looks great Asela!!! not long now!

Rose Ann

Your house is gorgeous, Asela!!

Jan Jenitis

So very happy for your family and your new home! What a lifelong dream!
It is absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait for the total tour~Jan


I knew I could find a picture of the progress on the house if I went to your blog today. I don't go often enough. It looks just great. I know you are anxious to get moved in. It won't be long now. Lots of love to you all.

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