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March 16, 2007



You're right. You've got nothing to lose except for the cost of postage. But DO scan or take a picture of your artwork before you send it in, because some places don't send them back.

Oh...another food for thought....the great photographer Ansel Adams once said (or something along these lines) that for every fantastic photograph he took, there were about 10,000 others that were terrible.

I personally don't know the magic formula on how artistic editors decide which pieces to publish, and which to "save for a future date." But what I do know is that I will only send to the magazines which appeal to me and my personal style, the most. The bottom line is you have to create for YOU, first; and if you want to share your creation with the world, using a magazine as that vehicle, then you should go for it!!

Joan B

How kind of you to share this list. I don't submit for publication but I know a lot of folks do and it was nice of you to do this. I'm going to link to it on my blog!

Juanita (Toni173)

You are so KIND and THOUGHTFUL! TFS.

Gina K

Great list Asela! You are kind and generous to share this compiled resource!
Gina K.


Thank you for sharing this list Asela!

Adelle H

I didn't see this one on your list. Simply Sentiments magazine. here's the submissions page

Cindy Lou Who

Great List!! Tanks for the leg work! I may have to 'try one' now...hmmmm...prob not!! Bwaahahahaha

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