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July 23, 2010



I can't seem to watch it, which is too bad, because I LOVE David Bowie! LOL! I'm sure I would have learned something!

Jean (naturecoastcrafter)

Couldn't see the video, Asela. Sorry!

Jean (naturecoastcrafter)

GREAT job, Asela, seriously. I don't own copics and never really understood them but after watching your video with the soothing music, I think I could do this. I love the way you do the tip to tip technique and blend and wipe on the shaft of the marker. Very cool. Yes, do more. They are very instructional.

Sharon Harnist

Fabulous, Asela -- you are wonderful with the tip-to-tip technique! You may have inspired me to finally try a video! Please make more!


AWESOME! I love that you did tip to tip to blend... gorgeous coloring and a very good video! Make more! LOL

Jessica Fick

Yay - I get to see the master at work! Thanks for the video, Asela! It's awesome!!

cathy tidwell

you make that tip to tip technique look soo easy! And I have such a hard time with it, so thank you for this video, its awesome!


Great job Asela! You make it look easy enough that I need to drag my Copic's back out and give it a try. Thank you so much, for doing this video and I hope you do more.


It was amazing!! Yes, please make more!


Awesome video. Yes, please make more.

Cheri Weston

Great tutorial, Asela! The tip to tip technique is so helpful.


Great video, Asela! What amazing coloring ... and showing the technique is so helpful. You (however) made it look SO EASY ;-) Thank you SO MUCH!!!


Splendid tutorial, Asela. Hope you'll make many more!!


Got it now, thanks! Good reminder that the more you keep going, the better the blending and the deeper the result. Also good reminder of the tip-to-tip technique, which I usually forget.
I love having music background with the written instructions rather than a voice saying "and now I'm adding Y38". Definitely do more!

Kathy Martin

They make it look so easy! :)

Connie H

Awesome video!! You should definitely make more ..... you make it look so easy.

sue morris

simply excellent asela. I love watching other ppl. color. It's interesting how we all have different techniques to achieve the same goal. I hope you have a wonderful wknd. my friend. :)

Joanne D

Asela, this is the first video that I was able to watch and understand. Your tip to tip technique sure looks easy enough to do. Please please please make more videos ... and I love the Elton John music.

Connie Pruitt

More please! I learned alot! And enjoyed the music!

Heidi Kimmerly

Awesome video - I look forward to seeing more. Off to play with my copics now -lol!

Linda Weber

Oh yes, PLEASE do more videos Asela! Great job and it worked for me! And I also enjoyed the music!


Thanks! It was great seeing the apple take on such depth. Loved the video. I haven't made the financial plunge into Copics so appreciate learning as much as I can.


Asela, Please, Please do more videos. I haven't been able to take a class yet, so this helped tremendously. I've been working with them trial and error. Hopefully I will be able to learn some of your techniques.


So neat seeing your apples come to life, tfs!

Bob Lieby

Great job with your first video. Keep them coming. Thanks for sharing.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

Irene Voss

Thank you for the tutorial. It helps to see an artist at work. Beautiful work.

(Aunt) LaRue

more, more - this was wonderful


This is a "job" well done. Don't ever think you can't do this. You are so gifted. Thank you for the lesson. I learned a thing or two.


Great Video. Loved the music too. I haven't been able to take a class on Copic's yet either, so this is a tremendous help. Does anyone know if they offer classes online?

Ruby Taylor

Asela, Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful video. It is amazing to watch a master at work. I have been working primarily with Prismacolor pencils and chalks, but have been drooling over the Copics. I am on Soc. Sec. and get one check a month. After bills are paid, I allot an amount for craft supplies. Would you be able to suggest a basic, minimum of Copics that I should start with or email me with a list (these this month, these next month, etc)? I know that is asking a lot, but if you can spare any time, I would certainly appreciate it! Also, please, yes, continue making your videos as you can. They are wonderfully easy to understand. I would much rather have heard your voice in the event you wanted to stress something, but I'll take them any way I can get them!!! Again, thank you soooo much!

Jane Somerville

Wonderful video. Yes please do more and I loved your choice of music. Thanks so much.

Michele V

Great video - love the music too! You make this look so very easy! I hope you post more videos!

Kathie Barrus

This was a great video. I love how the whole thing comes to life with the colors that you add and blend. Gorgeous!

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