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November 05, 2008


Heather B.

Asela, This post brought tears to my eyes! THANK YOU. I really needed to hear this today.
God Bless,
Heather B.


Asela - thank you for taking the time to share your parents' story and for caring enough to honor them by sharing their story with your son. My parents came to this country under very similar conditions with only 1 suitcase apiece. They taught me that this IS the land of opportunity and that through education and perseverance, one will succeed. When my father arrived in the U.S. he washed dishes at a hotel restaurant in San Diego and 40 years later he retired as Inspector General of the United States. We never received welfare either, or any kind of Government subsidy. We used to borrow toys from the local library's Toy Loan program and return them two weeks later. My favorite and most cherished memories are of family Christmases when we received an orange, or a handful of walnuts, and especially when we were so fortunate to receive a used toy my parents bought at the Goodwill store. My mother used to deliver heavy telephone books to 2 and 3 story apartment buildings in L.A. while 9 months pregnant with me.She went on to become a CPA and also retired from Bechtel Power Corporation. Yes, this IS the land of opportunity and I couldn't be more grateful that my parents had the foresight to immigrate, to educate us, to teach us the value of hard work, and to respect this wonderful country despite the discrimation we faced head on.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! I wish that every American could hear it. It's shame so many Americans don't have the same personal pride and work ethic that your parents have.


What a moving story! I appreciate your willingness to share it.

Connie Hobbs

I wish that everyone voting yesterday could have read this blog before they went into the voting booth. We may have had a different outcome.

Kris A

Thanks for sharing your story. My mother has a similar story as she and her family came to America on the boat when she was 11. They did not receive handouts, free anything and had to learn English. America is the land of great opportunity.....you just have to be willing to work for it.

Mary G

Great story Asela, TFS! You must be so very proud of your family and heritage. I'm glad the election turned out as it did, maybe now our nation can begin to heal from the past eight years! :)

Peggy Maier

Very well written, Asela! Just like today - empty promises from a new man who promises to make everything better by implementing just what you have described happened in your parent's former country - government control (more & more of it). But people will keep believing in hope & "change" - and get what they deserve. Sad but true. I'm still upbeat though, God is STILL in control!!!


Thank you. Hard work is becoming the foreign language in this country, too many want handouts and are unwilling to take responsibility for their mistakes. I remember that we have been safe the last 8 years. It may take more than healing after this election. I am not happy about the results.


Thank you Asela! Your story is that of so many families over several centuries. We NEED to remember why our families came here- whether it was 40 years ago like yours, or 160 years ago like mine; they came for freedom and opportunity not handouts and promises.

We can only hold strong to our beliefs and traditions and pray.


"Ask not what your country can do for you, but for what you can do for your country." Now I have a better understanding of that famous quote, and what it really might mean. Thanks for your post.

Jill Jacobsen

Thank you for sharing your story....it is always nice to hear about the lives behind the people...everyone has their story. You have a great family and we live in a wonderful land, that, yes, alot of times we forget how good we have it!


I enjoyed the story of your parents. My parents have one very similar. They had come from Ireland. They were engaged to be married when my father decided he wanted to come to the states because he heard there was work. My mother followed him later and they were married 6 months to the day she arrived. They rented a house in Detroit and he started working for Chysler on the line. He took three buses to get to work everyday and my Mother worked at a sewing factory. They had four children within there first four years of being married. They decided to go back to Ireland to be with there family but the troubles were very hard there so they came back with all of us and made a life for us. My father worked 7 days a week to put food on our table and a roof over our heads. Being a parent now is just different. I thank them for the opportunity they gave me!! and I need to remind my children of that.


Thank you for sharing your parents' story! It's too bad that the folks who immigrate to our great nation today do not have the same attitude but rather expect the government to give them everything. What scares me is your description of the current state of the country your parents left; that could very well be the future of the United States ... IF we allow it to happen.


This was a wonderfully moving post! Thank you so much for sharing it. I always feel so encouraged to find immigrants who feel this way. It's ironic that immigrants who've come from abroad often feel this same way. These immigrants are the truly blessings to this country and what makes us great. Thank you so much, again, for sharing this. And you are so right...we should NOT forget history.

Chris mott

Amazing story and history lessons for your son. I love being able to share the past with our kids. This was a truly moving story..Thanks for sharing!



Curt OBrien

Your parent's story is so much like my partner's parent's story as well. The day they were leaving Cuba to come to this country with their two small children, they were detained, but their children were put on the plane and sent on without them. Jay was 6, his sister Lee was 10. It took 3 years for his parents to finally leave Cuba and to be re-united with their children who had spent 3 years in foster care here. And even through all that heartache and separation, they still felt that arriving here was worth everything. They too worked very hard all of their lives and never expected anything from anyone. They achieved success because they worked hard and were self-sufficient. Best, Curt


Beautiful said!


What an amazing story, it brought tears to my eyes. I think every American should read it and really let it get into their spirit. I thank you for writing your family's story, more people should follow the example your parent's have set. Your children should be so proud to be part of a family with such strong values.

I really think that you should submit this essay to the local newspaper.

Julie Koerber

Gosh Asela, I saw your comment on my blog this morning - I was very touched (a compliment from you is heartwarming)- and decided I needed to take some time to catch up on what you've been up to! I am so glad I scrolled down and caught this post. I hope and pray people open their eyes to see what happens when a government promises its people the world. We have a huge entitlement problem in this country. Where is the strength that our parents and grand parents and great grand parents had to exhibit to be successful? My father-in-law tells a story of selling chickens because he was at risk of losing his office supply company. He didn't ask for a small business bail out nor did he quit. He realized he needed to pull himself up by his bootstraps and be the change he wanted in his life. That was 30 years ago and now the business is in it's second generation of owners. I wish there was something we could do to help people realize (like you said) that nothing comes for free - not an end to poverty, not education for all, not healthcare for every American. These things take hard work and perserverence - something government can't do for us. Thanks Asela for sharing! BIG HUGS to you!

Debbie Olson

Asela, this post really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings!


Thank you for sharing your insight. Well said.

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