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June 18, 2008



OH My goodness, Asela! This is a most stunning creation! I adore your new set and what you've done here is absolutely marvelous! I'm getting shrinky dink stuff tomorrow!! So inspiring! Congrats on your newest journey with Gina-how lucky we all are to have you both together! Hugs

Carolina Buchting

Can't say enough about this darling project! Love that not only is the card adorable, but it's also a gift holder of those amazing earrings!

Huge congrats on your decision to join Gina's amazing team of artist and designers. I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of the reveal and so excited to see all your upcoming creations!


What a great idea! Your work is lovely, congratulations on a beautiful stamp set.

cathy tidwell

Well, this is my first time to meet you and how exciting! LOVE this! Cant wait to be able to order Friday now! Fantastic project! Those earrings are just adorable!

A. Sanborn

LOVE the first image(s) release thus far with those spectacular earrings, Asela! EVERYTHING'S for a reason and a season to everything. Go forward in your new journey without a glance in the rear-view.

CONGRATULATIONS on your new endeavors, sweetie! GinaK. knows talent when she sees it! {mwaah, Gina}

{HUGS} :)

Holly Young

Oh, I just love this flower! The card and earrings you made arejust adorable!



Congratulations Asela!!! I love your first designs for Gina and can't wait to see more.

Jessica Fick

Asela, I'm so excited about your new stamp set!! It is gorgeous - I can't wait to get it all inky with all the projects I have in mind for classes at GinaK's store!! I am THRILLED that you have joined Gina & her other talented designers and look forward to many more beautiful rubber stamp sets from you!

jessjean on SCS

Trena in Naperville

Asela! Congratulations!! That is wonderful news for you AND Gina K!! The flower and sentiment are beautiful - I'll have to get it this month! What a cute idea! The earrings! I just went over to Gina's site and see you featured there! Wow!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

Trena in Naperville

oh!! I visited the other ladies blogs too. Melanie's frame is so kool!

Keri Lee Sereika

What a fun set of earrings Asela! I love how you put them in the card. Congrats!

Cheryl Sims

Congratulations Asela. I have been a your fan since the beginning and also a huge fan of Gina K and now to have you both together is a very big WOW!!! This set is fabulous and I love how you colored it.
Cheryl Sims

Belinda Chang

Wow! I love that flower! Congrats on your set with Gina! It must be so exciting!

Melanie Muenchinger

how fun to scroll down and see all the steps of thsi project when I got to the shrink plastic I thoughtI don't see any little flowers on the card front!! Sneaky! Those earringare the bomb! I lvoe the holder you made, very clever to put them through the eyelets! welcome, welcome, welcome!

Erin K

I'm so exctied for you. These flowers look fantastic. Gina is wonderful, I'm glad you are working with her.



Asela, I'm so glad you'll continue to share your illustrations with us. You do such beautiful work! Gina K. is so blessed to have you working with her. Congratulations to both of you!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Oh wow!!! This is brilliant! Those earrings are adorable! And I love aster flowers, too. I'm so excited to be working with this set!

Peggy Maier

I'm so glad we'll get to see more of your beautiful work, Asela! Congratulations on this new step. May God bless you!


Oh, the card and the earrings are so beautiful. I have to find some shrinky dink somewhere!


What great and happy news! Congrats to you on designing again and doing what you love. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!


Woo hoo! I was right. I read on Melanie's blog that they have a new illustrator in house yesterday and you said you are going in a new direction, I put them both together. Love these flowers and what you did with them. Can't wait to see more.

Beth Norman

Congratulations Asela! I'm so excited for you.


Good, Asela, I'm so happy for you. It's so rewarding to see your own designs in rubber...especially artwork that is so special and personal to you. Congratulations.

Jenny Mick

Wow! Love the flowers you designed! Thanks so much for the coloring tutorial...I need all the help I can get in that area. And I LOVE LOVE the idea of the earrings with shrink plastic... what a cute idea!! Thanks so much!

janet d.

Congratulations on your new venture! How exciting! I love what you did with your new set, can't wait to see more! You've inspired me with the shrinky dinks - I NEED TO DO THAT!!!

Wendi K

Wow Asela, I am so excited that you are teaming up with Gina. I love your card and love to play with shrink plastic. Glad I can start building on my Asela Collection again

Wendi K

Wow Asela, I am so excited that you are teaming up with Gina.

Kerry J.

Congratulations! I've been waiting with baited breath as you've been dropping hints on your blog! The new set looks beautiful and I'm so happy we'll get to see your designs again!


Hi Asela, congratulations on becoming a GinaK illustrator. I love the flower in your 1st set. There's so many possible uses for it! The card with earring holder is a wonderful gift idea. Thanks for showing how to make it, there's nothing better than colour step by step photos!

Joy Kennedy (JoyOfStamping)

Congratulations Asela! :) I looooooooooove your new stamp set. And your project is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!


congrats on your latest illustrating project! Love your flower, but as Independence Day is approaching, I'm seeing your flower made into red, white and blue fireworks! If you make a card like that I'd love to see it! Adelle :)


love your desins and have all your stamps ...soooo glad you are back designing! D


Oh my ... more "have to have it" stuff! I don't like to wish away my days, but I sure wish it was the 20th! Absolutely gorgeous and those earrings - WOWZA - I am digging out my shrink plastic tonight so I'll be ready when the stamps come in! Best of luck on your new adventure and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. ~chris

Tracy Durcan

Wonderful news!! Your set looks amazing!! :)

Sharon in NE

Asela, I was so thrilled to read the news on Gina's blog this morning. As I said there, I didn't know who to congratulate as you are both so talented and equally deserving of each other! This is obviously an indication of all the great things we'll see. Love it!

Linda Marie

Oh my gosh! This news is too exciting! Gina found the "best" illustrator around! Congrats to both of you!!! I'm turning cartwheels!!

Jacki Jones

Asela! I adore your flowers. Thanks for the opportunity to purchase more of them... and from Gina K?? What could be better...

Kendra Giles

congratulations asela! Those are just fabulous!


aren't those darling!? What a great gift!

Sharon Harnist

Congratulations, Asela -- it's great to see you illustrating again!! ;) What a beautiful Aster . . . so many possibilities! Can't wait to see all your new creations!

Juli Smith

OMGosh - how adorable and creative is this project? Not only great coloring with the KohrINoor but matching earrings too! This is my first time to your blog - I'll be back! THANKS for sharing this great project and idea!

Julie Koerber

Congrats Asela! Your card is beautiful and I know you have some more fab designs up your sleeve! You are one talented lady! Gina is lucky to have you! Can't wait to show ya what I cooked up with your set ;-)


Congratulations on a new adventure! I'm very glad you are still designing. This is great news!

Robbie Rubala

Congratulations Asela! I would love to get those earrings in a card. Good Luck on your new adventure.


Monika in VA

Was just over at Gina's blog & imagine my surprise to see the news! How exciting to see your artwork continuing in such a great way!

Tami Bayer

GinaK is such a class act. What a wonderful place for you to be. Thanks for sharing the journey and oh my gosh that's a wonderful project today with your new set. congrats.

Eileen M

Oh, this is wonderful news! And what a gorgeous set to start with. I am so glad my Asela collection can continue to grow! Congrats to you both!
Thanks as always for the marvelous inspiration!

Heather Fullerton

I saw the sneak peak and I love your stamp. The card is great and those errings are calling me. Congrats on returning to the art world.
Retired Heather

Anita C

Oh Asela, I am so excited for you!! Gina K is wonderful and so are you...combined I just can't imagine all the wonderful things that will be created. Thank you for the sneak peak and the earrings are just too cute. What a great idea!! Oooohhhh I'm so excited for the release Ü


This was soooo worth waiting for! I think this is the next stamp set that I buy!

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