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August 29, 2007



I think your card is a "keeper"! It will certainly brighten someone's day. Don't sweat the small stuff.


I kind of like that stitching......don't toss it. I'm sure it will make someone's day brighter!


I really like this card. The girl is adorable and you always do such an awesome job on coloring and shading your work..Mine never seem to turn out like that. Guess I am still learning! Thanks for sharing your work it is great inspiration.


Ginna Senn

I think its really cute..
It certainly wouldnt end up in my trash bin that for sure. The colors are so cheerful!


You are much too hard on yourself! I love this card! If you want to toss her toss her to me cause I just love her!


Oh no! Don't trash it! I don't think the stitching is bad at all....Love this card....so bright and cheery!


I agree with the other posters. I think we are our own worst critics.
Love the colours and love the oval. Thanks for the technique.


You know what, I think if you'd made the stitching in some colors, like the accent colors in the rest of the image (green, glue, orange) it might work a bit better. The thread is a bit fat (aren't we all..) but I think its the bright white that makes it look like butcher's string or something. See if you can color them with your wonderful markers, if that tones it down a bit. Great card though! I LOVE that orange.


uhmm, that's Blue, not glue LOL....


yellow yellow blue on right, brown yellow green on the left
ok I shut up now


I think its VERY cheerful....I like it!!!

Lisa B <><

Rose Ann

I love the fun, bright colors...and your coloring looks amazing!! The stitching is unique and specil, even though you don't care for it.


Can you change the image to a nurse because it would be so cute for someone who has just had stitches. Never toss it all away-salvage and recycle.


If you really, really hate those stitches..you could cut the stitching off and use brads or eyelets in its place...just a thought.

I love the bright colors you used and I wouldnt toss the card.


Sara Henton

It's funny that the one thing you think is the yuckiest is the one thing that really draws my eye to it. I really like that detail about it & think that is what makes it a keeper. Funny, huh?


The stitching kind of reminds me of a Corset for some reason, but I like the card so don't trash it because it's a keeper! The colors are great and you can't go wrong with a Bella.


Great card! Here's a simple suggestion that might make it more to your liking -- take some of the same cording, thread it under the stitches, pull it together, and tie a bow. Whatever -- just don't "chuck it."

A. Sanborn

Finally, a spare moment to comment! *wink* I think ALL of your creations are spectacular... NOT to mention that I want to color like Asela when I grow-up! *smile* What "you've" pointed out makes me think of Blondie & Dagwood comics... with the three lil' hairs on either side of Dagwood's head? *wink* HOWEVER... I love it and your just the bestest my friend!

Your correct... our "A" personalities have a tendency to make us critical of ourselves... thanks for the wonderful comment on my "spida yo-yo" Still not happy with my choices! LOL...

Anne :)

Gina K.

I love the stitching! LOL! I think it looks really cute! Asela, you can't make a bad card!
Gina K.

Jan aka logcabincreations

Asela, I love the stitching....would you have liked it better if it were brown to match her boots?

Brenda H.

I'm lovin' this card...I could email you my address if you want to toss it my way! :)

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