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July 20, 2007


Elizabeth Royalty

You are a goddess! okay, I just read that tutorial 2 times (awesome tutorial, btw), and i'm still sitting in awe of you... :)


Asela that is truly amazing! You are an artist, not a stamper! This is a very beautiful image.

Have a great weekend!


Nice tutorial! I use different pencils but I think I can manage.
Now my question is, do you "cover" stamped areas with your pencils, or do you try to "stay in the lines" that is never go over stamped parts. this would not be all THAT obvious if one stamps with a darker color, but stampping with the light color one could cover up the design, no?

Sharon Harnist

Fabulous tutorial, Asela!

Cambria Turnbow

I can practice till the cows come home and I'll never be at your level. HOLY COW WOMAN!! Every time I visit, my mouth drops!! Thanks for all the awesbomb eye candy!!

BTW... you rock!! Seriously ROCK!! You've been tagged as a Rockin Blog!! See my blog when you have a chance!!

Love ya girl!!


Great question Etha. I do go over the lines. But it's not an issue here, because I use the orginally stamped image as a guide. (That's why I chose A.Artichoke as my base color, it gave me my green medium base color.)Then I was able to layer colors that were darker on top and also lighter in tone. If you stamped the image in black, and I've done this, it is way to dark and you can not add all the beautiful details on top of the lines. Hope that made sense.


you are simply amazing, asela! that's why i tagged ya as a rockin' girl!

Rose Ann

This is so beautiful! Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I know I will need LOTS of practice, but this sure helps. ;)


Your coloring is perfect! Thanks for the tutorial & encouragement to try it ourselves.


Thanks for sharing this! It was fun to watch the beautiful transformation and I will be referring back to it, for sure.


Beautiful work!! :)

Jan Scholl

And you dont set the colors with gamsol or anything? I like how it almost looks scribbled and then blends so nice. I make such a mess sometimes with colors. Hopefully, this company will be at the stamp show in AUgust.Crapola-just checked the flyer-not coming at all. will have to saunter over to the site and maybe get me some pretties.


Check out this video Jan. You'll better understand the properties of Prismacolor pencils.


Connie Pruitt

Oh My! So very beautiful! I love it!


What a great tutorial and what a gorgeous result! Thank you so much for sharing that. :)

Karen L.


Great tutorial. That is ALOT of work!

Dawn Griffith

Your card and tutorial are Just stunning girlie .. You make it look soooo easy .. seriously you are Rockin ...


WOW! I am a huge fan of Thomas Kinkade and I absolutely love this stamp! You rock with the prisma colors :) It is absolutely beautiful, Thanks for the amazing tutorial. BTW, love you blog!


Excellent tutorial...I have learned two or three things...(use green instead of black to stamp, and DON'T try to blend the colors with OMS)

Thanks for the great instructions.


Excellent tutorial...I have learned two or three things...(use green instead of black to stamp, and DON'T try to blend the colors with OMS)

Thanks for the great instructions.

Angie Warren

This is amazing! My question though is about prepping your stamp. What do you use to clean your stamp and what do you use and how do you scub it? I have a picture in my head of you and a kitchen scrub pad and I KNOW that can't be right. The Thomas Kincade stamps are so detailed I would be afraid to harm the stamp. I know you're probably laughing at me right now but I just had to know.

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