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February 21, 2007



This is super Asela...lots of detail and great pictures...TFS!

Lynn in St. Louis

Wow...your shading is a work of art. Thanks for sharing your techniques...it inspires us all to be better colorists!


Great tutorial Asela!

Amy Ellingson

I feel like I just went to a mini art class! Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering about it because you say all the time that you use these pencils. Okay, so maybe I'll have to invest!

Jessica (jessrose21)

This is incredible! I love the colors you used. I'm still working on the light direction thing with my coloring as it's not something that comes naturally to me. Your tutorial has inspired me to get practicing again!


OH DANG..... YOU ARE SUCH A BOMB!!! Thanks so much for this cool tutorial! Someday... I want to color like you! LOVE that pink in the fish. Pink rules ya know. :) Thank you, thank you!


OMG! Asela, Your tutorial with photos is OUTSTANDING!!! Now, I can't wait to practice what I learned. I've been experimenting with my prismas and posted a card on my blog tonight. Could I persuade you to take a peek and give me some professional advice? Pretty Pleeeze?!
Love your blog and check it often! Smiles, Pam :)

A. Sanborn

Asela... oh, the things you do while I'm away! *wink* This techniques or tutorial on using the PRISMA pencils is phenomenal! Glad you used the fishy for your tutorial. Just AMAZES me that you made it SEEM so SIMPLE! Can't wait to try it out... the light thingy seems a little tricky to me too. Your the bestest! *wink*

Viv (VivLyn)

Wow! What a great tutorial on using the Prismacolor pencils. I definitely am doing it wrong! Your method really makes sense! TFS!!!!

Juanita (Toni173)

Thanks for such a detailed, step by step tutorial with graphics! TFS.


Asela, you are amazing! Thanks so much for the visual! I really can't wait to try this! The "thinking about where the light is coming from" part is the hardest for me, but as you've told me before with watercoloring... practice makes perfect! Looks like you've got it perfected!! TFS!


Gorgeous coloring! You are amazing!


Excellent tutorial. Thank you.


I am so glad you posted this. I've had Prismacolors for years but obviously I haven't been using them correctly. Thanks!


Fabulous tutorial!! WOW! Beautiful examples and great photgraphs!
Gina K.

Linda C

Wonderful tutorial! You make it look so easy.

Sharon Harnist

Great layering technique, Asela, thanks so much for sharing it with us. And the finished card is just gorgeous -- what talent you have!

Cindy Lyles

YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Best tutorial on this subject I have seen!!! This is awesome material for new or seasoned stamper/artist alike ~ ! Thank U so much for taking treasured time to share your amazing knowledge on this.


thats OUTSTANDING! I love it thanks for the tips!


Thank you so much for your detailed tutorial with the wonderful pictures to go along with each step! You've made it seem almost easy... a good sign of a great teacher!! Thanks for sharing.
jessjean on SCS


Incredible! Thanks for the tutorial, I'm sure I'll never quite be an Asela, your work is just fantastic!


Very nice tutorial! Would you be okay with me including this and any other of your tutorials on my Great Tutorials page? I'm always on the lookout for high quality tutorials to share. Thanks!


I have never used prismacolors, but your tutorial has me wanting to add another thing to my Gotta Have list. THanks for explaining it so well, even a newbie like me understood it. Gonna give it a try.


Wow indeed...I am so sold!!! Thank you...what a sweetie for taking pics step by step for us!!! Thanks!! By the way I am having a give away so come check it out!!!


Great tutorial. Love the colors on the fishy. TFS!


WONDERFUL tutorial. Thank you!!!! I have yet to try this with my prisma's thanks for the inspiration!!!


yes prismacolor are good color pencils we use them in the interior design school.


Kendra - SCS: apigonfire

HOLY MOSES!!! Thank you so much for posting this! I've been debating getting the prisma's for awhile now. Maybe I'll ask for them for my birthday! I would love to take a class, but I honestly have to say that your tutorial was better than a class!
Thanks girl! You are an amazing artista!


I will be coming back here often. Glad to have found your blog. I have the large Prismacolor tin from M's and haven't really used them yet. You may inspire me to do so. Your coloring techniques are incredible.

Lisa H

I am so glad you did this tutorial. I was so amazed when I saw your fish. That is one gorgeous fish!

Debbie Olson

Asela, this is probably the *best* Prismacolor tutorial that I've ever seen--excellent work--you ROCK!


You are really talented! Thanks for the tutorial, it is so clear and step by step I feel inspired to give it a try!

Mary C. Anderson

Thank you for the wonderful turorial about layering my colors with the Prisma pencils.



Terrific tutorial.... Thanks for sharing! I wouldn't have thought to start with Chalk.. I'll have to try that!


Erin Kellogg

Good Gravy! That's the best tutorial ever! :) I might have to get up right now and go color something.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Wow! What a great set of instructions and photos to go with them! This was fantastic to read! Thank you for sharing it!


I have come back to this tutorial about 6 times now and love it. You inspired me to buy the Prismacolored pencils... I foolishly did not realize they came unsharpened. Now I need to figure out the gamsol stuff to blend them... In case you're looking for ideas of what to show us next???
Thanks for sharing all your work!!

Linda Hardesty

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this tutorial together, it's great and extremely informative. I love the touch of the pink, it makes all the difference.

Cheryl Scrivens

Thanks so much for a wonderful tutorial on Prismacolor coloring. Your work is amazing, and I'm inspired to keep trying!

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